Nikki Brannan
Client - Deept Tissue & Cupping

My neck and shoulders were causing me a lot of pain, over several weeks I’d tried different treatments but none worked. Graeme gave me a deep tissue and cupping therapy treatment and almost immediately I could feel the difference, after a couple of treatments I was back to normal. Highly recommend Graeme.

Neska Martin
Client - Deep Tissue Massage

I was highly stressed when I arrived, been to many massage therapists over the years. I have to admit it’s one of the first places I have felt so relaxed I just about fell asleep the atmosphere itself was very calming. Very professional and a very good experience. Would recommend highly. Would definitely go again!!

Mandy Bell
Regular Client

Would highly recommend…professional service..extremely good …great


After just an hour’s session with Graeme, I came out feeling like a new person, the pain was gone, no discomfort when turning or bending, the stiffness had eased away, to say im impressed is an understatement, thank you very much

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